The Tetrahedraverse Piont-Packing Engine

The engine written and compiled in C++, many HTML explanation and instruction pages, source code, examples of files outputs, and other such.
contains the Windows console executable and its source code (GNU public license and other such apply), the Graph3D stereo viewer, LiveGraphics3D (by Martin Kraus) live.jar, and other necessary and unnecessary files. This packer now runs on anybody's Windows machine, and source code is included for compiling it on Linux, OSX, and BSD (untested).

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------------------------------this below here was the original page's content. Python versions are still here-------------------
Written in Python. You need Python 2.2 installed, and some other stuff (see below) to run these.

This is the page from which you can download the program scripts.

It is also the page where you read THIS:

In no way, no how, no day, not ever, will I be held responsible for
that happens to you or your machine from running my programs.
Period !

There are several versions, ALL of which are "works in progress." It's best if you already know Python, so YOU can troubleshoot any stupidities of mine.

My apologies to y'all, that I did not use some sane Windows-type language like C, C++, or C# for these. I flat-out hate programming. I knew no programming language before I began this (still don't; I use Python like a handyman uses a toolbox; I don't KNOW the language; I just USE what pieces of it I need), so upon a friend's recommendation (ease of learning; "cross-platform"; etc.), I chose Python and am glad I did. Compared to C++'s arcane code, Python is clarity itself.

"Open Source" licenses and such apply to all of this; these are my work, and are copyrighted by me, but you are free to use them, modify them, derive other programs from them, etc., so long as IF you ever transmit the originals elsewhere, you leave my copyright notices in place right where they are.

This is a screenshot (caution: full-screen; large download) of the incomplete (no graphical controls yet) Visual version ("") program in operation. You see the usual (for me) crossed-eyes stereo 3D windows. This is in 1152 x 864, the resolution I run my monitors in.

It's a text file (script), so it will just display in your browser unless you use the "right-click and Save Target As..." trick.

"" —Original work file; has some aspects the others don't. This is an earlier version, without the Visual aspect, but which because of that runs MUCH faster.

You will also need to see THIS, which is an explanation of some of the questions both programs ask you upon startup, in the Python IDLE interpreter.
Also PUH-LEEZE read this WARNING before you get into the program and start modifying things (that's a good part of the fun of packing pionts/balls with the Tetrahedraverse principles).

Both programs, run in the Python interpreter (Idle) window, are otherwise self-explanatory; the questions asked you are all vital to get the starting sizes (radii, etc.) of the two main parts of the packing: the size of the little balls, and the size of the container-sphere. —for finding groups of balls meeting certain criteria, down deep in the packing where you can't otherwise see them. Also writes PovRay files and Graph3D files, as well as the native .TVR ("tverse") coordinates-records file.

I suggest also you see if you can find John Braley's (note lack of 'w'; he's not me) accessory Python program files, one of which will let you transform .EIG files (Struck and SpringDance native format).

Lastly, Graph3Dexe.exe (self-extracting archive), which is a wonderful, FAST, stereo 3D (2-image; Xeyed or Wall-eyed) program for making and seeing what my Python programs put out.
This is not my program!
Its author's name is Hart; it can't be found on the web; it's no longer supported, and no one's going to help you use it (it's easy), but it's PERFECT for doing what it does, and since I don't think you're going to find it anywhere else, I include it here in case you want to use it.
(I consider it vital, since my on-the-fly coordinates-writing functions write files (extension: .3d) specifically for this program.)

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